Biovante has released two new additives to its product portfolio. NitroCon and MicroKey (IFC) are both available beginning November 1, 2014. Take a look at the product profiles and contact us for more information on how these two additives can help improve your yields.

NitroCon Profile

NitroCon is a nitrogen management aid. By blending NitroCon with urea-based fertilizers it can enhance their efficiencies. NitroCon more effectively manages the availability of nitrogen when plants need it most.

Did you know:

  • The majority of nitrogen loss occurs immediately after application due to volatilization and leaching.
  • Volatilization occurs when nitrogen comes into contact with moisture and/or urease, a naturally occurring enzyme found in the soil.
  • Nitrogen breaks down and is given off as ammonia gas. As much as 30% of applied nitrogen can be lost within days of application.

NitroCon can help protect your nitrogen investment. Learn more here.

 MicroKey (IFC) Profile

MicroKey (IFC) is a chelated material that is specially designed to treat suspected micronutrient deficiencies in corn. This soluble microgranule product contains secondary nutrients which are vital to the micronutrients involved in corn production. MicroKey (IFC) is most effective when placed in-furrow or in the seed trench at the time of planting.

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