We all want bigger yields, right? The first step is starting with the seed and familiarizing yourself with a treatment called Pentilex. Pentilex is an environmentally friendly seed treatment that accelerates germination and promotes even emergence under stressful conditions. Read more about Pentilex™ here.

Pentilex has been proven to improve corn yields. Here are results from a dryland and irrigated test from a 2011 test from Renwood Farms in Charles City, VA. These tests illustrate what Pentilex can unlock in both stressed and non-stressed growing conditions.

Dryland Test | +11 bpa | +7.8%

  • Control: 141 Bu/ac
  • Pentilex™ Treated: 152 Bu/ac

Irrigated Test | +22 bpa | +10.3%

  • Control: 213 Bu/ac
  • Pentilex™ Treated: 235 Bu/ac


 Mike Rother from Arapahoe, CO began using Pentilex in 2013. “Last year, when we started running Biovante products…what we saw was amazing. I was astounded by the health difference with the Pentilex product – it made the stocks more girthy. It made the plants taller and more even. It was frankly…a shocking difference.”


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