BioFlex is a biological seed treatment developed to prime the seed – speeding up the germination and emergence timeline. This BPI technology maximizes the genetics of a seed to ensure proper seedling vigor and uniform growth. There isn’t a product on the market that contains the population of microorganisms that are in BioFlex.  Similar to its biological counterparts BioGold and BioRed, BioFlex has a population of over 1 million microorganisms in just one teaspoon of concentrate. On-farm studies have shown 5-8 bu./acre increases on soybeans for the last two years. At an estimated cost of $3.02 per acre at 100,000 seed planting population (or $6.05 per acre at 200,000 seed planting population), this product can provide a strong ROI.

The Results

This image is from a 2012 case study from Houff Farms in Virginia that included BioFlex treated wheat, soil treated with BioRed and Assist 45.  As you can see in the photo, the root system is much more advanced compared to the control sample.

In 2013, Kendall Farms in Idaho also saw great results when BioFlex was applied to their corn crop. They saw a 13.8 BPA increase and a 7-to-1 return on investment.


Through proven trials and tests, BioFlex and its counterparts show the potential that can be unlocked in your seed, soil and plants. Learn more about BioFlex here.