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Product Intro

BioMate is a solution of generated sugars and bacteria. This mixture acts as an additional food source for soil microorganisms and may enhance plant growth.

Quick Facts

  • Liquid sugars with energy-producing bacteria
  • Food source for soil microorganisms
  • Increases plant energy on cloudy, cool days
  • Over 201,000,000 calorie potential  per gallon

Product Bio

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Product Bio

BioMate is a makeup of complex “generated” sugars providing immediate energy to soil microbes and cellular development in the plant.  This product has the potential to provide up to 201,000,000 calories per gallon. The generated sugars have been processed so the microbes and/or plant do not have to go through the intricate process of breaking down sugar into a usable form. In addition, there are two strands of bacteria that aid in sugar production to maintain high polysaccharides – the binding agents needed in the soil profile to hold aggregates together.

With the high volume of calories, only 2 oz. to 8 oz. are needed per acre per application.

Microbes require a variety of food sources to create a balance in the soil. If only one source of sugar is provided to soil microbes then it limits the activity and function of the beneficial microorganisms. Both native and added microorganisms could potentially increase in volume if proper food sources are available. BioMate brings a diversified mixture of sugars to better assist in functionality of any and all microorganisms for complete and total production in the soil as well as the plant.

Data / field pics

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