Systemic Fungicide

Product Intro

An EPA-registered, systemic fungicide and bactericide containing an industry-leading concentration of 57% active ingredient.
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Quick Facts

  • Neutral pH fungicide/bactericide
  • Safe to soil biologicals when applied in the row
  • Tank mix friendly
  • Competitive input costs compared to other fungicides

Product Bio

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Product Bio

Elixor is an EPA-registered, systemic fungicide and bactericide containing a concentration of 57% active ingredients. Elixor boosts a plant’s immune response against mildews, common rusts, and leaf blights which in turn increases crop yields.

Elixor should be applied earlier in the growing season than most fungicides on the market. Early applications of Elixor helps build the plant’s natural immune system, creating a disease resistant plant.

Studies are continuing to test the control or prevention of Goss’ Wilt. Contact Biovante to learn of these findings.

Benefits of Elixor:

  • A cost-effective alternative compared to other fungicides in the market
  • Early applications will save fuel
  • Does not contain low-grade buffering agent Sodium Hydroxide
  • Biological chemistry eliminates fungicide resistance
  • pH neutral and mixes well in spray tanks
  • Can easily be tank mixed with starter fertilizer as well as other biologicals

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