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Product Intro

Infusion 2.0 is a liquid solution of trace minerals derived from Dead Sea salts. This solution may enhance the immune system of the plant, providing a boost in energy and growth. When applied by itself or with fertilizers and/or micronutrient packages, these highly proportioned minerals become proactive and capable of re-energizing the plant for better health.

Infusion 2.0’s ability to relieve stress from plants in drought or dryland environments is critical for healthy, profitable crops.

Quick Facts

  • Liquid “nano” technology sea minerals
  • Fights drought conditions
  • Low use rate
  • Improves root exudate and nutrient exchange in root system

Product Bio

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Product Bio

Infusion 2.0 is a liquid “nano” technology soil and foliar supplement. This sea solution instantly enhances the immune system of the plant, providing a boost in energy and growth. These highly proportioned minerals are proactive, capable of instantly re-energizing the plant. The nutrients within Infusion 2.0 are collected from deep within the ocean where high concentrations of non-polluted, mineral-rich water are located. Applications of Infusion 2.0 will not show salinization in the soil or the plant, allowing minerals to jumpstart growth and disease defense mechanisms. Disease occurs during acidic conditions. Infusion 2.0 will mineralize and alkalize the soil, balancing the pH. In turn, it will in turn fight off insects, fungi, and other pathogens, producing a healthier plant.

Along with increasing nutrient capacity in the plant, Infusion 2.0 symbiotically works with microorganisms in the soil, enhancing the natural uptake from the soil to the plant. The natural minerals of Infusion 2.0 are beneficial to the plant in breaking down pesticide buildup within the plant and soil profile. Infusion 2.0 also aids herbicides by breaking down the waxy layer on weeds. During non-favorable growing conditions (i.e. cool temperatures, damp soil conditions, compact soils, hot temperatures), Infusion 2.0 produces energy for the plant by metabolizing biological systems such as: carbon cycle, cell respiration, nitrogen cycle, mineralization, and photosynthesis.

The plant will immediately respond without delayed uptake to this ready-to-spray, highly concentrated mix of sea minerals. Infusion 2.0 can be tank mixed with most insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. However, it is recommended to perform a jar test before use.

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