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Product Intro

Invade 5G is a complete biological system for all legume plants. These beneficial nitrogen fixing and energy promoting microorganisms provide plants with a greater access to nitrogen during key vegetative stages leading to stronger reproductive stages.

Quick Facts

  • Liquid inoculant
  • Azotobacter and Rhizobium microorganisms
  • Average of 6-to-1 ROI
  • Jumpstarts seed even in wet and cool soils


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Product Bio

Data/Field Pics

Product Bio

Invade 5G is a liquid seed inoculant kit consisting of carbon, carbohydrates, and biologicals which specifically target plant species that require nitrogen fixation via root nodules. As more data is coming out pertaining to early planting dates, it is vital to full germination and uniform vigor. To accomplish this, Invade 5G can help in providing this type of benefit as well as help in providing season-long nitrogen via the root system. This chemistry is especially important to legume plants planted behind crops that have high nitrogen usage and in late-planted, double-crop situations.

In the last two seasons of plot trials as well as farm results, Invade 5G has provided a consistent 6-to-1 return on investment!

If you are looking to raise the bar in your soybean production, this simple application of Invade 5G can help. Please contact us with any questions or to place an order on this product or others.

Data/Field Pics

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