EDTA Micronutrients | Specialized Soluble Microgranules

Product Intro

MicroKey IFS is a specialized mixture of EDTA micronutrients designed for soybean production.  The unique blend of nutrients provide a well-balanced blend of essential nutrients needed by soybeans to develop.  This product allows growers to maintain or treat suspected nutrient deficiencies. IFS stands for In-Furrow Soybeans, thus enabling growers the ability to influence soybean development on the planter through their in-furrow liquid systems.

Quick Facts

  • In-furrow soybean micronutrient package
  • Higher levels of Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn)
  • EDTA micros
  • Fulvic acid included to improve uptake

Product Bio

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Product Bio

As we embark on an era of higher national soybean averages, we are starting to see a trend of more and more soybean acres being planted with an in-furrow application of pop-ups or plant food. For this reason, MicroKey IFS was developed to help provide high-quality EDTA micronutrients as a package to soybeans.

Higher producing crops do not lack nutrients from day one. For this reason, MicroKey IFS offers growers a complete beneficial nutrient package for soybeans. Along with these important micronutrients, a fulvic acid material has been added. This addition helps balance the electrical charge of cationic (+) charges with anionic (-) charges. In return, this improves the overall uptake of the nutrients resulting in a more nutrient dense crop.

If you’re looking to improve nutrient uptake around the rhizosphere and increase soybean yields while reducing iron (Fe) chlorosis or yellow flash, then consider using MicroKey IFS for your soybean crop!

Data / Field Pics

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