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Product Intro

MicroKey (IFC) is a chelated material, designed to treat suspected micronutrient deficiencies in corn. This soluble micro granule product contains secondary nutrients that are vital to micronutrients involved in corn production. The product is most effective when placed in-furrow or in the seed trench at the time of planting.

It is important to look at soil pH along with soil sample results when deciding to apply MicroKey (IFC). High pH soils are not recommended for the application of MicroKey (IFC). To learn more about how and when to use this product, please contact us.

Quick Facts

  • In-furrow corn micronutrient package
  • High in Zinc
  • Dry product…no paying for water
  • EDTA chelated corn essential micronutrients

Product Bio

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Product Bio

A seed is at its maximum yield potential when first planted into the ground. Proper soil health, irrigation, seed treatment, fertilizer, and micronutrient inputs help continue the potential for a high yielding crop. MicroKey (IFC) was formulated to provide key essential nutrients during corn production.

The proportioned micronutrients in MicroKey (IFC) were developed based on plant science data collected from corn production test plots. This specialized formula is powered by EDTA chelation. Historically, EDTA chelating agents have been more expensive than sulfate-based chelating agents. However, Biovante™ is now able to offer EDTA chelating agents, making them more accessible and affordable for growers.

Upon germination and emergence a plant requires a large number of nutrients to properly develop and become highly productive. EDTA chelated micronutrients help maximize the plant’s ability to take in these essential nutrients ensuring the plant is healthy throughout the growing season. It is important to note that high fertilizer inputs, soil pH, along with moisture can dramatically affect the availability of all macro, micro, and trace minerals.

An application of MicroKey (IFC) is meant to offset soil deficiencies that could potentially be present in the soil, which may result in yield loss for that plant. All micronutrients have a charge, most of those are positive (+) charges. Based on the theory of conductivity, in order to balance a positive (+) charge, a negative (-) charge is necessary. This is important because CEC levels are critical as they play a vital role in nutrient uptake and availability to the plant. Additionally, seed population, compaction, pH, and moisture can also influence the availability of what the plant needs as it develops.

To prolong the life and impact of MicroKey (IFC) nutrients in the soil, Biovante™ suggests using Assist 45.  Assit 45 contains higher levels of fulvic acid, which contains a higher quantity of negative (-) charges. Negative charges are important when using MicroKey or other types of fertilizer or micronutrient packages.

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