Soluble Microgranules

Product Intro

MICRO-X was formulated to offer growers a balanced package of 10 essential micronutrients needed by all crops. This easy-to-use product contains both EDTA and sulfate forms of chelation so nutrient uptake is impacted over a wide range of pH levels. As an added bonus, fulvic acid has been added to help balance the cationic (+) charges of the micros to improve foliar feeding uptake. MICRO-X can be applied in the 2×2, foliar, y-drop or through fertigation means.


Quick Facts

  • Balanced nutrient ratios for every crop

  • Acidic pH for quick plant uptake

  • Added fulvic acid to neutralize conductivity

  • Apply all-season long

Product Bio

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Product Bio

Micro-X is a complete nutrient package to help plants maintain balance throughout the growing season. Fulvic acid has been added to neutralize the ten micronutrients thus allowing faster uptake into the plant when foliar feeding. As plants begin to mature and require more nutrients, Micro-X is a great supplement to feed the plant so yield is not jeopardized.

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