The Stroh Brothers

 Oklahoma Farm Sees Amazing Return on Investment

The Stroh brothers started their Okarche, Oklahoma farm when they were just teenagers. Today, Brett, Kyle and Zach Stroh operate a successful 2,000-acre cattle farm, and recently expanded into crop production with the help of Assist 45, Pentilex, and Infusion 2.0. Hear all about their success with Biovante products in the video.


Perry Galloway

Arkansas State Record Holder (Corn Yield)

In Gregory, Arkansas, Perry Galloway grows corn on his 7,000-acre family farm. For years, he has grown corn competitively. In his first year with Biovante, Galloway broke the state record with 309 bushels. Galloway used Pentilex Aqua and BioFlex to achieve phenomenal results. Watch his Biovante story now.


David Hula

2013 NCGA National Champion

On September 16th, 2013, David Hula of Charles City, Virginia broke the world corn yield record with a certified harvest of 454 bushels per acre. David used several Biovante products to help achieve his record-breaking yield, including BioRed soil amendment and BioMate sugar source solution. See his amazing story.

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