Dan Arkels

Meet Arkels Farms

Arkels Farms is owned and operated by one of Illinois’ top producing growers, Dan Arkels.  In 2014, Dan was the first IL soybean producer to yield over 100-bushel crop setting a state record at the time of 104 bushels per acre.  Not only has Dan produced high yielding soybeans but he has won several NCGA state contests in his 34 years of farming.  As he sets his sights on being productive, Dan makes sure to be mindful of inputs and ROI in every decision he makes on his farm.  This is Dan’s story of his first time using Biovante and how he was able to experience more than what he has been accustomed too with our products.


Meet Frederick Farms

 Rulo, NE

Frederick Farms is owned and operated by son and father, Jimmy and James Frederick. This
farm family has been operating on this piece of land for over 110 years. The introduction of
Biovante’s products began firmly in 2016 and together we look forward to helping improve their
bottomline. Hear how the Frederick Farm is experiencing more with Biovante.


Meet Brincks Family Farms

 Fredericksburg, IA

Brincks Family Farms is owned and operated by Matthew, Janette, Trinity, and Tory Brincks.
This family embraces hard work and we are honored to be able to partner with them as they
grow in their production. With the help of Biovante’s biologicals, the Brincks Family Farms have
seen soil improvements that are helping them both now and in the years to come. Listen to
their story of how they experience more with Biovante.


Mike Rother

 A Colorado Farmer Grows His Operation with Biovante

In 2012, Mike Rother had a good year. His farm placed in the NCGA and he was invited to the Commodity Classic. There, he asked World Record Holder David Hula how he could make his operation better. Hula’s answer? Biovante. Since then, Rother has seen a tremendous response using Biovante products, like BioFlex and BioRed. Hear his story, in his own words.


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