Many nutrients hold a cationic (+) charge making it difficult for plants to uptake. Assist is a liquid fulvic and humic acid supplement that balances that charge so that plants can acquire and drink more nutrients.

Also, soils that lack sufficient carbon content benefit from Assits’ high carbon load, building organic matter, and feeding soil microbes.

Helps plants to acquire and drink more nutrients.

Contains a high load of carbon which helps build organic matter and feed soil microbes.


Made from all natural mushroom compost. No harsh chemicals to isolate the fulvic molecule.

Contains natural fungi and 76 trace minerals.

Application method

Broadcast • In-furrow • Foliar • Side-dress • Fertigate • Aerial

Works with

All soils and crops.


Assist label

I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never used BioRed, or any biologicals, for that matter. Even though we lost two fields to the weather, the crazy gains we had in the BioRed fields made our season a success. The best part is we were able to use those funds to reinvest in our planter.

Craig Roth

Norwalk, Ohio
I used to spend a ton on seed and synthetic nitrogen, I knew I needed to do something different. Biovante products have helped me reduce input costs while setting record yields and making more profit. The soil on my farm has never been healthier, and I’m seeing that investment pay off big time.

Jimmy Frederick

Soybean Yield Record Holder

Rulo, Nebraska

Biovante has been a great addition to our agronomy program for the last three seasons, resulting in improved corn and soybeans yields. We’ve concentrated on plant health with BioCore and BioRed infurrow at planting, followed by a strong foliar fertilizer program throughout the growth cycle with BioMate sugar. We’ve very satisfied and plan to continue using Biovante products in the future.
Burton R. Bever
Bryan, Ohio