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Lead the ag industry

The future of the agriculture is regenerative farming. When you join the Biovante team, you’ll be leading the charge to healthier, more sustainable farming.


Career stability

Bottom line, we’ve got your back. We all know the farming industry has its highs and lows, but rest assured, we’ll be there for you and the rest farming community.

Make good money

With our generous commissions, the sky is the limit. You shouldn’t have to choose between making good money and a career that you love. When you help farmers win, you win.


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The farmers come first. When we truly serve our customers well, we all prosper.

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Have you been around farms your whole life? Awesome, you’ll fit right in.

Care about regenerative ag

We empower farmers to become good stewards with sustainable farming practices.

We’re an independent, family-owned business.

True to our roots, we’re building a team that feels like family. We believe healthy things grow, which is why we’re so selective with who we add to the Biovante team. If you’re looking for something corporate, this ain’t it.

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Current openings

Ready to start leading the ag industry? Here are three roles we’re always interested in adding to the Biovante team.

Sales agronomists

More than a sales rep, you’ll become a leading source of agronomy information as you work with premium biological and nutritional inputs. Interested? We would love to chat with you.


Want to separate your agribusiness from the competition on a large scale? Cutting edge technologies are available for your team and customers. We would love to chat with you.


Your reputation has established you as a source for everything that pertains to ag. Your network is solid, but it’s time to add the missing piece, a solid biological company to partner with.
I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never used BioRed, or any biologicals, for that matter. Even though we lost two fields to the weather, the crazy gains we had in the BioRed fields made our season a success. The best part is we were able to use those funds to reinvest in our planter.

Craig Roth

Norwalk, Ohio
I used to spend a ton on seed and synthetic nitrogen, I knew I needed to do something different. Biovante products have helped me reduce input costs while setting record yields and making more profit. The soil on my farm has never been healthier, and I’m seeing that investment pay off big time.

Jimmy Frederick

Soybean Yield Record Holder

Rulo, Nebraska

Biovante has been a great addition to our agronomy program for the last three seasons, resulting in improved corn and soybeans yields. We’ve concentrated on plant health with BioCore and BioRed infurrow at planting, followed by a strong foliar fertilizer program throughout the growth cycle with BioMate sugar. We’ve very satisfied and plan to continue using Biovante products in the future.
Burton R. Bever
Bryan, Ohio